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“How beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim the gospel of peace; of those who bring joyful news of good things”

Romans 10:15

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The Warnings of The End

God is love, but he also does not have the guilty innocent and will, in the last days,
destroy those who destroy the earth. The Apocalypse reveals that great judgments will
come upon them.

Why This Happened to Me?

There are days when we have
been through very difficult situations,
whether it's a robbery, an accident, or
a family illness, and we ask, why did
this happen to me?

The Time of Judgement of the Living Ones Has Arrived

Christ's Last Work
before His Second Coming.

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Revelation 17

The beast, its mark and the antichrist are just around the corner. Let us be prepared to identify and resist them.

He Will Wipe Away Your Tears

We do not accept death because we
were not prepared for it. God created us for
life and happiness. The death came because
we disobeyed Him. But he has provided a
way to solve the problem: Jesus.

You Have Gained a Rest

Discover which is the real family's day given by God so we can rest and appreciate His creation.

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Daniel 12

Understand the timeline of the end. What do 1260, 1290 and 1335 days mean?

Health x Cancer

Today we are frightened by the
number of new diseases. It seems that a
new disease arises every day. Does
everyone wonder what the reason would
be? Do we ever stop reading the manual
of life?

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