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God's guide for the last days


From cover to cover, the book of Revelation is, by far, the one which seems more complex to understand. The number of figures of speech and supernatural events overwhelms distracted readers to the point where the less determined simply give up on reading it.

To help overcoming such preconception of this amazing book of the Bible we need to take it in the whole context of the Bible.

What is the Bible?

As the book of Genesis tells us, God created man and woman perfect. To them God gave the power over all things created. The relationship between God and man was meant to be eternal and flawless (as it was indeed before sin). However, among all the gifts God provided man with, there was also free will. God desired that Adam and Eve abode by His law not for obligation alone but for love and respect. As the history goes, man decided to disobey God and, from that moment on, entered a history of death, tragedy, sin, corruption…until the world we have today.

Long before the fall of man, God already knew what would happen and put a salvation plan in place. A plan of rescue for those who would recognize their sins, repent and accept the salvation plan.

God then puts together a “letter” to man: the Bible.

The Bible describes:

  1. The creation

  2. The fall of men

  3. The commandments of god

  4. The history between God and men along thousands of years

  5. The plan of salvation through Jesus Christ (the son of God)

  6. The God’s advices for a rightful life

  7. The prophecies of future events

Back to the letter analogy, suppose someone writes you letter a letter containing many histories, instructions and advices for the future. After reading it, you understand some parts, seem to grasp some others and have completely no clue about what other parts mean. Willing to understand the letter completely, you invite some friends to read the text and help you understand it. However, some of your friends understand certain parts in one way and some other friends read the same parts completely different. In the end, you find yourself even more lost than when you read the letter by yourself.

What can you do?

Well, whenever you want to be correct about something someone has written, there is only one way: to ask this someone what he meant by each word he wrote.

With the Bible is just the same. If we want to be sure about its content and message, we need to approach the Author and ask. Yes, we need to ask God for enlightenment on His word. And guess what? He will direct us in everything we need to know if we do display a sincere heart and desire before Him. Afterall, that is why He “wrote” the bible in the first place - so that we may know Him, His Son and His salvation plan.

The Revelation Book

The Revelation book starts by defining what it is: “The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place”. (Revelation 1:1)

The key points of the very first verse of Revelation is:

  1. It is a revelation from Jesus Christ. Therefore, only Him can help us understand it.

  2. It is a revelation to the His servants. Therefore, unless we develop a close relationship with God and His Son, the book of Revelation will remain as a mystery.

  3. It is a revelation of future events until the end of times as we know it. Therefore, the content of Revelation is the God’s final warnings for believers to be ready and prepared.

We, from the Ministry Fourth Angel Ultimate Warning, believe that God has placed on us the mission of spreading the Gospel – the salvation of Jesus – which includes revealing and spreading the message of Revelation.

Do you want to know who is the prostitute, the beast, the dragon, the antichrist and its mark and everything that will unfold still in our generation?

Watch our videos on this page or in our YouTube channel.

God Bless You!

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